The Incrediable Fultons!!
      I spent my Early Years on the Fulton Ranch!! It consisted of 65 Acres of land in North San Diego, California!! The house was built in 1893 and was on the centiennial celebration for early San Marcos homes in (1993?). The ranch had it's own well, windmill, Vegetable garden, Chickens, pigs, goats, mules and horses.. 
     When I lives there, the only thing we received from the outside world was electric power, a Meat Packing Place in Escondido for Freezing Meat and storage,  delivered gasoline and kerosene, and a few Miscel. items we bought at the General store in San Marcos!!
      Imagine, a rural farm in California that was (almost) self sufficient and made a profit in the twentieth Century!! I am building this web site so our grandchildren will be able to preserve the great memories.
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